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 You've already done this step! Congratulations. You started by visiting our website, the first step to clean laundry!
 Create a profile. Just click create an account on this page and follow the simple instructions! Then be sure to check your e-mail and activate your new account.
Payment method
 When you set up your profile, you got a chance to add a payment method. Sharing payment info is scary! Don't worry. The payment info you enter is stored directly with our payment processor and not stored with us. Please notice that our site is secured with SSL. You can change your payment method (or add one) at any time by clicking "Profile and payment info" on our website after you are logged in.
Place order
 Placing your order is easy! Click an available day in the calendar on this page. Pick an open time slot. If all the slots are occupied, check to see if you're ordering for today (you won't be able to book an order with less than 12 hours notice). Visit our contact page with any questions.
We Pick Up
 Our smiling driver will pick up your order. If (s)he doesn't smile, tell us! We take that kind of stuff seriously! Don't have a bag to put your laundry in? Don't worry. Just put it in a trash bag. We'll bring it back in a durable laundry bag reserved just for your use.
We Wash
We Deliver
 We bring your order back on the next service day (for example, if we pick up on Friday, you'll see your laundry fresh and clean on Monday)
 See you next time! Please tell me if you're happy with the service by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!




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