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What if I make a mistake when I place my order?

We want to make sure we get this right, so you will need to send us a mail or call us when you need to make a change.

Do I have to pay in advance?

We do need to collect payment before we process your order.  We’ll bill the credit or debit card you stored in your account.

What’s the easiest way to place an order?

Just visit and select your pickup date. 

How will I know when my order is being delivered?

We’ll deliver at the return time you specified on your order.  It’s best to confirm the return date/time with the driver if you’re present when we pick up. We do not offer same-day service, so your order will be returned on the next service day. Our service days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Is my credit card information safe?

Your credit card info is safer with us than with your neighborhood businesses. We use a secure payment vendor called Braintree Payment Solutions.  Unless we take your credit card info over the phone, we never even see your credit card number.  When you put your credit card number in your profile, you are doing so directly on Braintree’s secure website.  We don’t want the responsibility of storing your critical financial information, so we left that to the professionals.

When does my credit card get charged?

Our website does not charge your card when you place your order, since we have to calculate your final order price.  Once your order arrives at our facility, it will be checked in and charged sometime after that.  If we can’t successfully charge the credit card selected for the order, we will hold the order and contact you.

When do I find out what my order amount is?

When we pick up your order, it gets weighed and your online order gets updated with the weight and price.  Sometimes that may take a few days to be updated on our website.  If you need the total sooner, just contact us via the contact form on our website.