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It’s simple:  We will be fair to you!  Please be fair to us..

We’re good little launderers and laundresses, but occasionally we might make a mistake. If we do, we’ll try to make it right for you.

There are a few things we need you to understand and agree with:

A few things to know before you order:

Advanced notice: We need at least several and preferably 12 hours notice to schedule a pickup. If you need us to pickup sooner, it’ll be on a best-effort basis.

Turnaround: We offer service Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Your laundry will be returned the next service day after we pick it up.

Missed pickup/delivery: Pickup and delivery service is very expensive for us to manage. If you need to cancel a scheduled pickup or delivery, please give us 3 hours advanced notice (or by 530pm the previous day for morning stops before 10am).  

Our refund policy:

We will take great care and use our best professional judgment in our processing of your laundry. However, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials which may result in tears or development of small holes in fabric that are not readily apparent prior to processing. We cannot guarantee against color loss, color bleeding, and shrinkage; or against damage to weak and tender fabrics; or against damage to accessory items such as belts, buttons, beads, ties or zipper pulls.  For Wash and Fold services, our liability is limited to $20 for a lost or damaged item up to a maximum of the price we charged you for the service, with a verifiable receipt. If there is no receipt, we’ll value it according to our best judgment with your input. So, you may want to wash that diamond-encrusted vest at home in your own kitchen sink.


Our privacy policy:

We will collect your name, address, e-mail address, phone number and billing information including address and credit card number. We will not share your information with anyone, except as required in the course of business (such as giving the driver your name and address).  We will not sell your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information to anyone without your consent, though we reserve the right to sell, rent or otherwise provide aggregated information about our customers and orders that will not include personally identifiable information, for example: we may release sales statistics by zip code. Your full credit card information or magnetic stripe data will not be stored or written down by Drive-By Laundry.  When you enter your credit card information on our website, it is stored by our secure payment provider.  Read more about how your information is protected here:

 And the rest:

  • We’re going to do our absolute best to take care of your clothes, and we will take all complaints very seriously and do our best to do right by you.
  • If you include something that shouldn’t be washed in your order, we might ruin it.  In fact, we accidentally ruined one of our own wool sweaters this way!  So, don’t send us something that shouldn’t be washed!  We can’t be responsible for it.  Your mink underwear does not belong in your Drive-By Laundry bag!
  • If we see something abnormal in your order, such as a garment that shouldn’t be laundered, or a $100 bill or a garment with a hole in it, we’ll do our best to contact you, so you can tell us how to proceed.  So, that means, depending on the circumstance, we might put your order on hold until we hear back from you.
  • If something goes haywire with one of our machines or one of our employees, it could affect your clothes.  We’ll try to catch any error and call ourselves out before you have to call us out!
  • If your jeans or your shirts or your underwear develop a hole, and it’s due to normal wear and tear, we won’t reimburse you for it.
  • If you don’t pay, you can’t play.  That means your order must be paid before we can process it.  If the credit card on file doesn’t work, we’ll try to get a new one from you.  At the end of the day, if you can’t pay for your order, we’ll hold your dirty laundry for 30 days for you to pick up according to our instructions.
  • If you don’t take our calls or answer the door, we can’t deliver your laundry.  We will call you, e-mail you and come by your house.  If after 30 days, we can’t find you, well.. we’ll donate your laundry to the Brown Elephant or whoever will take it.
  • Stuff you leave in your pockets:  If you leave a pen in your pocket, we’ll probably find it and remove it.  If we don’t, you’ll have to live with a stain, just as if you had washed it. If we find some diamonds or $50 or your Madonna ticket stub, we’ve got security policies and procedures in place to prevent these valuables from disappearing into our pockets.  We’ll do our best to return your lost items, but we won’t accept claims for lost $50 bills or diamonds or Madonna tickets.
  • Delivery time: Your laundry will be delivered the next business day after we pick it up.  If we can’t for some reason, please bear with us.  If we hold your laundry hostage for more than 10 days, and it’s not because you weren’t available or didn’t answer the door, we’ll cancel the charges and give you your clean clothes for free.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.  If we see that it’s impossible for us to do business with you without conflict, then we’ll just chalk it up to different values and we’ll have that awkward conversation with you. It’s not that we’re mean… we just know that there’s that 1 in 1000 customers that we just won’t be able to please no matter what we do.
  • Your laundry bag: When you become a Drive-By Laundry delivery customer, as part of your setup fee, we’re going to give you a laundry bag.  We expect you not to alter it, write on it or damage it.  There may be tracking devices or other attachments on the bag that help us do our job.  Please don’t remove them.  Please don’t wash the bag.  We’ll do that.  We’ll also replace your bag from time to time if it’s worn.

If anything in these terms of service is unacceptable to you, please contact us so we can talk it out. If your objection is compelling, heck, we might even change the terms of service for you.

At the end of the day, though, these are the terms you must agree to in order to do business with us.  We tried not to go all legalese on you, because we want you to understand what you’re getting into.

Drive-By Laundry is a service of Drive-By Services LLC. Our address is:

101 N 1st st.

Lindsborg, KS 67456