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Hey you! Yes you. Aren’t you tired of struggling into a laundromat with a huge basket pile high with dirty clothes, sorting, loading the washer and then just sitting there waiting for the load to be complete? Well, it’s time to put an end to that; Drive-by Laundry has got your back. You need our laundry service!

No longer do you need to worry about searching for change or stopping by the coin machine, no more waiting in line for a washer to become available, no more fighting to get all the pieces of your clothes to fit in one basket, and most of all, no more sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting for your clothes to dry. Drive-By Laundry will do all the work for you. We will wash and fold your laundry, your whites will be whiter and your colors will shine brighter. You don’t even have to come to us, we’ll come to you; we pick up and we deliver. Here at Drive-By Laundry, we provide service with a smile; and we make every penny you spend worthwhile.

Stop going to the laundromat, sitting there waiting, forced to participate in a conversation with some random “weird” person sitting next to you. Use our wash and fold service and you won’t have to worry about having extra quarters for the “broken” dryer that only dries adequately after two cycles. You won’t have to worry about going extremely early or extremely late to avoid the overcrowding at the laundromat. You won’t even have to worry about all the other things you could be doing, instead of sitting there waiting. Think about all the things you dislike about using a laundromat; those are all the reasons you should switch to Drive-By Laundry. Order a pick up from us today and receive fast, efficient wash and fold service. Load, big or small; pound for pound, Drive-By Laundry has it locked down.

Anybody can do laundry pick up and delivery, but the attention to detail and customer service is what sets Drive-By Laundry apart.