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A laundry service isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity!

Wake up, run to the kitchen, make breakfast, wake the kids, get them to the table, pack their lunches, hand dad or mom coffee as he/she goes out the door, ensure that the kids are on time to catch the school bus, or you take them to school yourself. Have breakfast, feed the dog and/or cat (if you have pets), do the dishes, make the beds and take the dog for a walk. Already you are exhausted and the morning has just begun. As you sit by the kitchen table looking at your “to do list,” wondering how you are going to vacuum the carpet, mop the floor, give the bathroom a face lift, do the laundry and make dinner all before the day ends; let us help lightening your load.

Drive-By Laundry was established with you in mind. We know stay-at-home moms and dads are entrusted with the tedious task of keeping a safe, clean home. Between cooking, cleaning, picking up after the kids and getting involved in all their after school activities, is there sufficient hours in a day to sort, wash, fold and put away laundry too? That’s where Drive-By comes in. Load all your dirty clothes, towels and linens in a basket or laundry bag and we will do the rest. Let us worry about the grass and juice stains or those spots that seem impossible to get out. We will do the sorting, washing and folding; all you have to do is put them away. Wash and fold service is a dream come true; it will allow you to have a few extra minutes during the day just for you. You can sit back, put your feet up, watch your favorite TV show or do whatever you want to do. Pickup and delivery service is available so you don’t even have to leave the house: that gives you an additional 15 – 30 minutes of “me” time, as a homemaker, you deserve that much.